Company Profile
Degania Sprayers was established over 50 years ago in Kibbutz Degania Bet.
In the early years they built standard and basic sprayers, and gradually from knowledge they accumulated from farmers needs, developed into leading manufacturers of sprayers worldwide.

Degania Sprayers is the only manufacturer in Israel been tested by the Institute of Quality & Control and found suitable for quality control ISO demand.

Degania Sprayers invented and developed a revolutionary type of sprayer, known as the "Sleeve boom".

The latest development made by Degania Sprayers is the Two Row Sleeve boom sprayer for vineyards that is superior both in pest control and in saving time and chemicals.

Worldwide active, Degania Sprayers supplies to all sectors:
Farmers growing various crops - orchards, row crops, cotton fields, citrus groves and flowers.
Hospital & Municipalities using sprayers for sanitation purposes and cattle farmers for spraying cow sheds.

In addition to the standard line, Degania Sprayers supplies tailored products according to special requests of customers.

Degania Sprayers are "friendly" both to their operators and the Environment


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