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"DAGAN 2000" Self-propelled Sprayer for spraying large areas of row cropsSleeve Boom or conventional boom. High work output and comfortable work conditions.


Sleeve Boom 18-24 meter trailed or mounted sprayer.
Spraying assisted by controlled air flow for open fields and vegetables spraying.



Low Volume  4-6 Arms  vineyard sprayer,  three-point hitch while tank is traile rmounted.



The "EAGEL" a low pressure two rows simultaneously sprayer
operated by means of four vertical sleeves.


Articulated 4X4 Greenhouse Self Sprayer Available with either Vertical PVC sleeve or Blower



Portable Self steering hydraulic or manual Greenhouse or Tunnel Sprayer.
Static or movable combined device for both facilities Fogging & Duster [Liquids & powders].


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